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Test & Evaluation

NTA specializes in test and evaluation of various navigation technologies, including Inertial Navigation Systems (INS); Inertial Measurement Units (IMU); inertial sensors; Land Navigation Systems (LNS); Global Positioning Systems (GPS) receivers, antennas and anti-jam (AJ) systems; and integrated inertial and GPS navigation systems (INS/GPS). NTA's broad knowledge of and experience with navigation system design, integration, modeling, and simulation provide a unique insight that strengthens the company's test and evaluation capabilities.

.Test and evaluation activities include development of test plans, scenarios, and data reduction/analysis procedures; design and development of automated test and data collection systems; design/fabrication of mechanical/electrical test interfaces; evaluation/analysis of test results versus system requirements; and production of high quality documentation and technical reports. NTA has extensive experience conducting laboratory tests and field tests to evaluate system performance over all environments (e.g., temperature, vibration, acceleration, mechanical shock) and operational scenarios.